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About Us

Our Story

Since 1999 we’ve been serving up authentic gourmet breakfast and lunch with an exciting, creative menu.

What makes our food special? Well, where do we begin? Our ingredients are amazing – we source the best of each ingredient from right here at home to across the world. Whether it is Zeke’s coffee made in Baltimore to Pio Tosini Ham in Parma, Italy, we promise to bring you the most amazing ingredients.

Most importantly, we make everything we offer. Our customers love our fried chicken sandwiches. Why? We marinate and scallopini every piece of chicken by hand. We make breadcrumbs from 5 different breads, all cut to a particular size for the perfect balance of mouth-feel and texture.

BBQ sauce? Get ready to zest those oranges by hand. Yes, we make everything. That's why we have gained a loyal following over the past 18 years. Our work is a labor of love, all to bring you the perfect product.